REALTOR PAC Major Investors

Join the real estate elite!  Only because of past REALTOR® PAC investments, have REALTOR® been able to successfully fight off attacks on your livelihood.  These RPAC Major Investors help to ensure our continued success...

2017 Major Investors

  • Platinum R - $10,000

  • Golden R - $5,000

    Phil Harlan |  Thurston County

    Terry Miller |  Seattle-King County

    Beverly Read |  Seattle-King County

    J. Lennox Scott |  Seattle-King County

    Gary Wright |  Snohomish County-Camano

  • Crystal R - $2,500

    Eddie Chang  |  SKCAR

    Glen Clark  |  Tri City

    Kitsap County REALTORS®  |  Kitsap

    Dennis Ledford  |  Wall Walla

    Jerry Martin  |  Snohomish County Camano

    Terry Sullivan  |  Spokane

    Michael Wallin  |  Lower Columbia

    Margo Wheeler Willis  |  TPCAR

  • Sterling $ - $1,000

    Marilyn Amato |  Spokane

    Sharon Benson |  TPCAR

    Pat Brewer |  TPCAR

    Brody Broker |  Sequim

    Sarah Canfield |  Kitsap

    Paul Chrysler |  SCCAR

    Robert Contreras |  Kitsap

    Thomas Craig |  Walla Walla

    Kendra Decker |  North Puget Sound

    Rocky DeVon |  North Central

    Robert Drexler |  Kitsap

    Linda French |  Sequim

    Keith Fuller |  Mason

    Joe Garst |  Spokane

    Cynthia Gustafson |  Spokane

    Alisha Harrison |  Kitsap

    Tom Hormel |  Spokane

    Cindy House |  Tri-City

    Pamela Hurst |  SCCAR

    Meg Irwin |  Yakima

    John Joynt |  Whidbey Island

    DiDario Colon LLC |  Walla Walla

    Susie Luby |  Spokane

    Debbie Matteson |  SCCAR

    E. Michael McAleer |  Sequim

    Michael McAleer |  Sequim

    Patricia McGuire |  Kitsap

    Bruce McKinnon |  SCCAR

    Kenny Nelson |  Lower Yakima Valley

    Megan O'Bryan |  North Puget Sound

    Liz Parks |  Sequim

    Angela Sainsbury |  Yakima

    Carolyn Sanborn |  Seattle-King County

    Jeff Smart |  Tri-City

    Susan Wise |  Thurston

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