• Whom do I contact for RPAC questions I may have that are not answered here?

  • What is an "In-Kind" donation?

  • What is the "one-third" rule?

  • Where can I find out who the "RPAC Major Investors" are?

  • Where can we find an overview of the major required do's and dont's?

  • Why can't we have a raffle?

  • What's a Golden R? What is a Sustaining Golden R?

  • We already took cash for an RPAC Investment. What do we do now?

  • What is the Leadership Project and why is my name on it?

  • How are Local Association Goals set?

  • Why does it only show my investment as $100 on the Leadership Project when I have invested more than that?

  • Who can invest in RPAC?

  • Why can't I make an investment to RPAC in the name of another Member?

  • Why can't I accept Cash Contributions?

  • I made my investment this month, why isn't it on this month's report?

  • What is the Hall of Fame?

  • Who can be solicited to invest in RPAC?

  • What is President's Circle and how do you sustain membership?

  • Can Title Companies Invest in RPAC?

  • When do monthly RPAC reports come out?

  • If I make an investment at a Clark County RPAC Event, but I am a member of Lewis County who gets credit for my investment?

  • What is this charge for NAR on my Credit Card Statement?

  • I am on a payment plan, why isn't my name on the Major Investor List?

  • Why did I get a receipt for my RPAC Investment and my friend from another association did not?

  • What is the difference between RPAC/QOL PAC/Issues Fund?

  • Can I use proceeds from an RPAC event to pay for the event itself?

  • Where is my Golden/Crystal/Sterling R Pin?

  • If I make an investment online, does my local board get credit?

  • Can non-members invest in RPAC?

  • If I make an investment at a State or NAR event, does my local board still get credit and the 25% to spend on local races?

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Contact Taylor Shanaman at or call 360‑943‑3100 x 118.

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