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  • Washington state median house prices at record level of $337,700


    Washington state’s housing market showed the continuing effects of high demand in the second quarter of 2017, according to the Washington Center for Real Estate Research.

  • Legislative Successes


    Coming into the 2017 Legislative Session we knew two things. First, because of a Supreme Court order, the Legislature was going to have to spend significantly more money on K-12 education. Second, we knew that real estate and REALTORS® were in the cross hairs on where that revenue would come from. With a final budget vote taken on June 30th we can now tell you who the winners this session were - schools in our communities and also small businesses like yours.

  • Homes for the Brave


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  • Earnest Money: An Old Dog That Teaches New Tricks


    Although earnest money is a subject that has consumed hours of continuing education for many brokers, the logistics of earnest money management is still a high-stakes issue.

  • What NOT to Say: Fair Housing Conversations


    Lack of awareness can cause brokers to inadvertently violate Fair Housing law. Real estate brokers need to avoid making comments that can be construed as "steering," or statements that could steer clients away from, or toward, certain neighborhoods based on race, religion or other protected categories to prevent any implication of housing discrimination.

  • Historic Funding For Education - Big Wins for Small Business and Real Estate


    Heading into the 2017 Legislative Session, our Legislative Steering Committee's goal was to ensure great funding for our schools in a way that ensured continued success for small businesses. The final budget provides historic new funding for education.

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