Introducing MongoFAX

Scan documents from any standard fax machine to any email address. A new FREE service provided to all Washington REALTORS® members!

What is MongoFAX?

MongoFAX enables you to scan and send hardcopy documents from ANY standard fax machine to ANY email address in the world, with no additional hardware or software. All you need is your designated MongoFAX Cover Page.

Watch the MongoFAX Two Minute demo video

Try It Now!


  1. Open Cover Page
  2. Save Cover Page To Your Desktop
  3. Type Email Addresses
  4. Print Cover Page
  5. Fax Cover Page PLUS Your Content Pages to the Toll Free Number Located at the bottom of the Cover Page

That's it! Your documents will be instantly converted and routed to your desired recipients by MongoFAX's secure, automated systems.

Features Include

Simple to Use — No signups. No passwords. No PINs. You can start using MongoFAX today!

Improved Image Quality — MongoFAX sharpens the image with every transmission.

Saves Time — Documents arrive within minutes of transmission, 24 hours faster than overnight delivery service, allowing you to close deals faster.

Save Money — On courier and delivery services, paper, toner and postage.

Private & Accurate — Each transmission is bar-coded for accuracy and documents are delivered to private email accounts instead of public fax machines.

Training - Highly Recommended

Your MongoFAX Account Manager is now hosting live, interactive, online training sessions each week. In these 20 minute sessions you will learn everything you need to know about using MongoFAX. Each individual MUST REGISTER to participate. These trainings are recommended but not mandatory.

Training times and registration information. You can also contact Kevin Ames, your MongoFAX Account Manager or Customer Service at 1-866-482-2229