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  • 6 Ways to Wow After the Transaction


    It is easy to wow clients during the transaction. Problem-solving and providing stellar client care comes naturally to a lot of brokers. When a client is in front of us and needs us to do a job, we deliver. This is easy because the job is defined by the contract and our clients’ needs. But what about when the transaction is closed or about to close and there are no more problems to solve?

  • Defensible Business Strategy for Uncertain Times


    The speed with which our world is changing seems to be quickening. Whether technological, political, or economic, the forces that surround the way we live our lives and run our businesses are shifting swiftly.

  • Taking the Online Offline


    As much as I love social media and technology—there is nothing like meeting someone face-to-face. Social media will never replace an in-person meeting at a client’s home, a phone call or a handwritten note. But, when done right—social media can enhance and make the offline experience so much richer and more meaningful.

  • Tammy Adams - REALTOR® PROfile Spring 2017


    Olympia REALTOR® and third-generation real estate broker Tammy Adams comes full circle to share stories of success and family. After exploring her options in Montana and California, this third-generation broker returns home to Olympia to join her family’s successful real estate office.

  • Overconfident Sellers + Over-eager Buyers = Broker Liability


    Completion and review of the Seller Disclosure Statement, Form 17, happens (or should happen) in nearly every transaction. Yet, there seems to be confusion regarding whether particular seller groups are obligated to complete the Seller Disclosure Statement.

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