Accept the Challenge - Take the Pledge!

We're calling on every Washington REALTOR® Member to renew your commitment to the Code of Ethics, your communities, and Fair Housing...Take the REALTOR® Pledge!    

How to Accept the Challenge:

  • TAKE A VIDEO of yourself reading or displaying the REALTOR® Pledge. (Get creative - it doesn't have to be a Hollywood production - just keep it authentic to you!).  
  • POST/TWEET your video through social media channels Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and/or Twitter.
  • USE THE HASHTAG #REALTORPledge somewhere in the description so it will be searchable by judges (here's a helpful guide on how to use hashtags on social media channels).  The video posted must stay live until judging on September 20, 2017.  One video per member, please.
  • Make sure we know who YOU are.  Include your name and use your own social media channels.
  • The Contest begins on Friday, August 18, 2017.  
  • The Contest ends at 11:59 P.M.PST on September 15, 2017. 
  • Judging will take place on September 20, 2017.

The #REALTORPledge

  • I am a REALTOR®. I pledge myself: 
  • To strive to be honorable and to abide by the golden rule; 
  • To strive to serve well my community and through it, my country; 
  • To abide by the REALTORS’® Code of Ethics and to strive to conform my conduct to its aspirational ideals; 
  • To act honestly in all real estate dealings; 
  • To protect the individual right of real estate ownership and to widen the opportunity to enjoy it; 
  • To seek better to represent my clients by building my knowledge and competence.