Recovery Resources 

On June 1st, the Governor’s “Safe Start Proclamation” for Washington’s phased reopening is effective. This includes modifications for real estate activities in counties that have been approved for Phase 2 re-opening (and those approved for modified Phase 1 re-opening). One of those modifications allows for a real estate firm, in a Phase 2 or modified Phase 1 county, to re-open its office in a limited fashion. In order to re-open, a firm must adhere to the many required protocols for real estate, including those for professional services office space working environments. There are additional restrictions for modified Phase 1 counties. 

Washington REALTORS® and Northwest MLS have developed the resources below that firms can use to safely re-open their offices in compliance with the required safety protocols. Of course, firms are not required to re-open and some may choose to delay re-opening until a later date. Firms may also choose to develop their own resources and plans to comply with the Governor’s requirements.