REALTOR PAC Fundraising Event Approval Form
The REALTOR® PAC Trustees have adopted the following policies regarding REALTOR® PAC fundraising events.  Please read the following information carefully, complete the approval form online and submit. If you have any questions email to
  1. A written form must be filled out by the organizer of the REALTOR PAC fundraising event to gain approval for the event.  The form must be sent to WR for approval at a minimum of one month before the planned event.
  2. Follow guidelines for proper reporting of expenditures for the event.  Including but not limited to:
  3. The event must follow the FEC 1/3 Rule:  The event will not cost more than 1/3 of the total amount of funds raised. This applies to the total cost and earnings of an event.
  4. The Organization must fill out an Event Report Form within 5 days after the event. (new form)
Board Information
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Background Information
What is the nature of your event (e.g. auction, wine tasting, dinner, etc...)?*
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If the planned REALTOR PAC fundraiser is an auction, who is responsible for filling out the Auction Report Form?*
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Fundraising Event Information
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Reimbursement Funds*
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I, the undersigned, acknowledge that my association will adhere to state and federal regulations regarding fundraising events.  I understand that in accordance with REALTOR PAC bylaws, the event will not cost no more than 1/3 of the total amount of funds raised.  I understant that it is my responsibility to report any in-kind contributions to WR, and to encourage REALTOR PAC investments at the event to be made in the form of check or credit card.