We receive daily questions regarding the difference between CORE & CODE. Admittedly, it can be confusing and we hope to help clarify things a bit.


All REALTOR® members are required to complete the REALTOR® Code of Ethics training every 2 calendar years. This is a REALTOR® membership requirement and the current cycle ends December 31st 2018. If you take this as a class with clock hour approval it can be applied to your license renewal requirement as part of your 30-hour total.


All Washington real estate licensees (to include REALTORS®) are required to complete 30-hours of approved continuing education, to include a 3–hour CORE Course (aka Current trends and issues in residential/commercial real estate in Washington). This is a Department of Licensing requirement and is also on a 2-year cycle based on your date of licensure.

In a nutshell, CORE is not CODE. CORE is a requirement through the State of Washington; and CODE is a requirement for REALTOR® membership.

The easiest way to make sure you’re satisfying the requirement for your real estate license and REALTOR® membership is to take CORE
and CODE every other year … plus other classes too for a total of 30-hours 

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