Brett Allen

Brett Allen

National Web, SEO & Social Media Marketing Trainer for Safeco Insurance,Adjunct WA Realtors Instructor

Brett Allen serves as the Web, SEO and social media marketing trainer for Safeco Insurance.  Brett develops and delivers training for over 13,000 independent insurance agencies across the entire United States. He also provides these agents with in-person consulting, online webinars and live and online training workshops.  

So why is Brett at our WA EdCon? Brett has a real passion for real estate. Prior to joining Safeco in 2013, Brett had worked as an independent marketing consultant for Realtors since 2004. Brett is a adjunct WA Realtors trainer. He has developed and delivered marketing and tech-related CE courses for the WA Realtors association for many years.

“With the combined training and consulting experience with two verticals [Realtors and Insurance agents] in markets all across the United States, I have gained a unique perspective about what works and what is a waste of time. Realtors have so many hats to wear and I delight in helping them get to the top of their Internet and social marketing game.”  

Brett has a rigorous national training schedule; however, he reserves space in his calendar to bring his anxiety-alleviating messages, clear marketing tactics, and humor to the Realtors of Washington. Book Brett early for your next CE course. 

edCON Classes:
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