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Jeremias ManeiroJeremias Maneiro is a tech-savvy millennial who speaks from the heart and specializes in helping everyone improve their techxpertise regardless of skill level or generation.  Audiences across the nation love the enthusiasm, energy, and humor he brings to every presentation.  Jeremias has been engaging audiences since 2002 with his ability to power learning through anecdotes from his life as a real estate practitioner.  His perspective is fresh, his delivery is authentic, and his content is fluff free. Jeremias is ready to help you overcome your fears and start crushing your goals now.


Symposium Details

Lunch & Parking included

Date: October 30, 2019
Check-in begins at 7:30am
Class Starts at 8:30am
Program Ends at 4:00pm
Clock Hours: 7.5
Cost for Members:
Cost for Non-members: $159



17801 International Blvd.
SeaTac, WA 98158


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Session Information


A.I.M. (Agents In Motion)

Unchain yourself from the office and become a mobile road warrior - an Agent in Motion!  How?  We’ll discuss options on going paperless, working with electronic signatures, and incorporation video into your business.  Find out how to use effectively mobile devices such as the iPad to present to clients, to better communicate with them, and to give them the ability to view properties remotely.  Road warriors need great apps so we’ll discus the best apps for you to better serve your clients and maximize your productivity.

Google Sweet!

In this session real estate professionals will learn the tools that makes Google Suite sweet and how they can best utilize them to provide a higher level of service, exceed expectations, communicate more effectively and be seen as even more of a professional. Students will discuss how to keep client information secure with the proper transaction management programs and avoid copyright infringement with photo and video sharing.


JMAN’s Video Bootcamp

This hands-on workshop gets you out of your comfort zone to implement video in your real estate business.  All aspects of video will be discussed: the necessary equipment and programs, how to take the best videos, editing, where to publish, and more.  We’ll cover YouTube Channel basics and optimizing your SEO.  We’ll finish with a live video demonstration to help you understand not only HOW but WHY live video gets to the top of all social media new feeds.