Funding For Local Governments

HB 1406

Local sales tax authority for affordable housing.

HB 1219

Flexible use of local real estate excise tax for homelessness and affordable housing.

HB 1798

Lodging tax on short-terms generates local funding for workforce and affordable housing.

Increased Housing Supply &
Density For Market-Rate and Affordable Housing

HB 1923

Creates a menu of local options for density, including affordable housing considerations

SB 5812

Provides for increase in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in cities

ESSB 5383

Tiny Houses

Incentives for Affordable & Low-Income Housing

SB 5363

Extends multifamily tax exemption program for affordable multifamily housing.

SB 5366

Expands the use of the multifamily tax exemption to additional cities in Washington.

HB 1168 / SB 5025

Provides sales and real estate excise tax exemptions for self-help housing.

SB 5746

Creates target for use of the Housing Trust Fund for homeownership projects

SB 5739

Promotes affordable housing in unincorporated urban growth areas of rural counties

SB 5304 / HB 1441

Housing Finance Commission add an infrastructure program for local government

Regulatory & Liability Reforms

SB 5334

Clarifies warranty for condominium to incentive more affordable condominium development

HB 1576

Creates process for condominium owners and developers to resolve construction disputes

SB 5219

Exempts small condominium projects from statutory warranty

SB 5008

Helps infill development by aligning short plat definition with Ecology’s SEPA regulations