• PLATINUM R $10,000

    Updated 07/07/20

    CBRE Seattle
    Washington State Commercial

    Lennox Scott
    Lennox Scott
    Seattle King County

    seattle king county realtors
    Seattle King County REALTORS®

    Kitty Wallace
    Kitty Wallace

  • GOLDEN R $5,000

    Updated 07/07/20

    Rich Bergdahl • Seattle King County Icon indicating Hall of Fame Status

    John Blom • Seattle King County

    Patricia Brewer • Tacoma-Pierce County Icon indicating Hall of Fame Status

    Dale Chumbley • Clark County

    Commercial Brokers Association • Washington State Commercial

    Jan Ellingson • North Puget Sound

    Steve Francks • WR Staff Icon indicating Hall of Fame Status

    Cynthia Gustafson • Spokane

    Janice Hall-Matteo • Clark County

    Phil Harlan • Thurston County Icon indicating Hall of Fame Status

    Patti Hill • Seattle King County Icon indicating Hall of Fame Status

    Russ Hokanson • Seattle King County Icon indicating Hall of Fame Status

    Kitsap County Realtors • Kitsap County

    Jerry Martin • Snohomish County-Camano

    Michael McAleer • Sequim Icon indicating Hall of Fame Status

    Kathleen Powell • Seattle King County

    Beverly Read • Seattle King County Icon indicating Hall of Fame Status

    Bill Riley • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Kenneth Rusch • Kittitas

    Michael Wallin • Lower Columbia

    Margo Wheeler • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Gary Wright • Snohomish County-Camano Icon indicating Hall of Fame Status

    Laura Yoder • Lower Columbia

  • CRYSTAL R $2,500

    Updated 07/07/20

    Kathy Berndtson • Kitsap Icon indicating Champions Club Status

    Eddie Chang • Seattle King County Icon indicating President's Circle Status

    Glen Clark • Tri City Icon indicating Hall of Fame Status

    Tiffany Claxton • Kitsap Icon indicating President's Circle Status

    Trisha Englund • Seattle King County

    Frank Leach • Kitsap

    Gina Madeya • Seattle King County

    Dahni Malgarini-Logar • Seattle King County Icon indicating President's Circle Status

    Pat McGuire • Kitsap Icon indicating President's Circle Status

    Keith Nelson • Seattle King County Icon indicating Hall of Fame Status

    Michael Orbino • Seattle King County

    Wendy Price • Lewis Clark

    Lynn Sanborn • Seattle King County Icon indicating President's Circle Status

    Patti Siebold • Clark County

    Craig Soehren • WA State Commercial

    Georgia Stevens • Seattle King County Icon indicating President's Circle Status

    Terry Sullivan • Spokane Icon indicating Hall of Fame Status Icon indicating President's Circle Status

    Jodi White • Clark County


  • STERLING R $1,000

    Updated 07/07/20

    Sharon Adams • Clark County

    Renee Adkins • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Rachel Adler • Seattle King County

    Brad Allen • North Central WA

    Ron Almberg • Tri City

    Marilyn Amato • Spokane

    Ryan Beckett • Yakima

    Nanette Bergdahl • Seattle King County

    Deborah Blom • Clark County

    Constance Bovee • Clark County

    Patty Bright • Clark County

    Patty Britcher • Lower Columbia

    Tara Brown • Kittitas

    Paula Burrows • Lewis County Chapter

    Lysa Catlin • Seattle King County

    Katherine Carey • Whatcom

    Clark County REALTORS® Association

    Tom Clark • Spokane

    Trisha Cobb • Sequim

    David Crowell • Seattle King County

    Cheri Daniels • Yakima

    Erin Davidson • North Central WA

    Rocky DeVon • North Central WA

    Rob Drexler • Kitsap County

    Terri Drexler • Kitsap County

    Kale Dunning • Clark County

    Denny Eliason • WR Staff

    Sheri Evald • Clark County

    Ed Faulk • Clark County

    James Fisher • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Glenn Franko • Port Angeles

    Keith Fuller • Mason County

    Suellen Gallier • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Joe Garst • Spokane

    Jennifer Gilbert-Smith • Seattle King County

    Marguerite Glover • Sequim

    Jessica Gockel • Seattle King County

    Eric Golemo • Clark County

    Patty Golob • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Kevin Gordham • Thurston County

    Jeannette Gordon • Whitman County

    Nathan Gorton • WR Staff

    Krista Gross • Whitman County

    Mark Hall • Clark County

    Kristy Hamby • Spokane

    ShyAnne Haney • Thurston County

    Bradley Hanks • Whatcom

    Alisha Harrison • Kitsap County

    Charles Hawkins • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Jennifer Hawkins • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Marla Heagle • Snohomish County-Camano

    Chris Hill • Clark County

    Felip Holbrook • Yakima

    Hailey Holbrook • Kittitas

    Jay Hooper • Lower Columbia

    Tom Hormel • Spokane

    Mary Hull-Drury • WR Staff

    Michelle Hunt • Seattle King County

    Randy Hunzeker • Clark County

    Josie Hyde • Clark County

    Christina Janis • Thurston County

    Jo Jensen • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Eric Johnson • Spokane

    Sabrina Jones-Schroeder • Spokane

    William Josh • Lower Columbia

    Brandy Kays • Lower Columbia

    James Kimball • Clark County

    Karishma Kiri • Seattle King County

    Callie Klein • North Central WA

    David Knode • Clark County

    Del Knudson • Kittitas

    Barbara Lamoureux • Snohomish County-Camano

    Sharon Leppert • Lower Columbia

    Diane Lokan • Clark County

    Camiekae Lynch • North Central WA

    Liz Marshall • Clark County

    Stephen Marshall • Clark County

    Helen Martin • Seattle King County

    Keely Matteo • Clark County

    E. Michael McAleer • Sequim

    Stephanie McCarthy • Seattle King County

    Lee McIntyre • Spokane

    Sandy McKenzie • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Liberty McLean • Yakima

    Brent McMillan • Whatcom

    Maggie McQueen • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Carrie Meyer • Spokane

    Bobbi Moody • Seattle King County

    Jesse Morgen • Clark County

    Gina Mosey • Spokane

    Kevin Mullin • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Anya Myer • Thurston County

    Denice Neddo • Clark County

    Erik Nelson • WSCAR

    Garrett Nelson • Seattle King County

    Kenneth Nelson • Lower Yakima Valley

    Cheryl O’Brien • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Phyllis Ohrbeck • Seattle King County

    Casey Oiness • Seattle King County

    Sharon O'Mahony • Seattle King County

    Sam Pace • Seattle King County

    Elizabeth Parks• Sequim

    Tamara Paul • Seattle King County

    Vince Penta • Lower Columbia

    Bobbie Petrone Chipman • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Maureen Pfaff • Port Angeles & Sequim

    Kathi Phillips • North Puget Sound

    Joe Pitzer • Whitman County

    David Pope • Snohomish County-Camano

    Larry Powell • Seattle King County

    Colette Rarden • Kittitas

    Merritt Riley • Tacoma-Pierce County

    John Rose • Clark County

    Chad Sessions • Clark County

    Jodie Sharp • Clark County

    Todd Shively • Seattle King County

    Jeff Smart • Tri City

    Amber Soria • North Puget Sound

    Marija Spasikova • Seattle King County

    Theresa Springer • Clark County

    Gayle Stack • Tri City

    B. Eliza Stephenson • Kittitas

    Leslye Stewart • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Mike Stewart • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Julie Sweeney • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Kathy Terhune • Seattle King County

    Scott Teuber • Grant County

    Allison Trimble • Whatcom County

    Jason Walchli • Clark County

    Michelle Wickett • Thurston County

    Kaaren Winkler • Tacoma-Pierce County

    Susan Wise • Thurston County

    Linda Wood • Kitsap

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2019 Major Investors

  • PLATINUM R $10,000

  • GOLDEN R $5,000

  • CRYSTAL R $2,500

  • STERLING R $1,000