Draft Rule Updating On-site Septic Rules

Notice of public comment meetings...

The State Department of Health has been working on developing a new and updated on-site septic rule for about a year and they are now ready for public review. Washington REALTORS® was included in the stakeholder groups state health put together. This has been an interesting process and we have yet to see the economic analysis as to the cost impact of the proposed rule. We wanted to let you know of the public comment meetings will be held throughout the state. Here is the website with the draft language and public comment dates:


The final workshop will be a webinar where you can only participate remotely via the GoTo Meeting and will be held on Oct. 1 from 1-4pm.

Please contact Jeanette McKague, Assistant Director of Land Use/Planning with Washington REALTORS®, with any questions at (360) 259-9910 or email at jeanette.mckague@warealtor.org


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