False Reporting by KXLY Spokane

On August 30th, KXLY Spokane published an article alleging that Washington REALTORS® did not respond to a PDC complaint. Washington REALTORS® reached out to KXLY with the response below, the article has been since updated and a statement from Mark Lamb, Attorney from the Washington REALTORS® Political Action Committee, was added.

We are disappointed by the unfair and misleading reporting in your story regarding PDC complaints in the Spokane Mayor’s race. We are concerned about this story for several reasons:

1. Contrary to statements in your story Washington REALTORS® has, in fact, responded to the PDC complaint.

2. To my knowledge, Washington REALTORS® was not contacted before this story ran-that is a minimum courtesy we expect before a story runs making allegations against our association.

3. If you had contacted me, I could have told you that not only did we file a response but that the complaint itself is clearly meritless and politically motivated. WAC 390-18-030 (3) allows several different options for reporting top five contributors on a digital ad. One option is the “roll over/pop-up” option identified in the complaint--it is true that Washington REALTORS® did not choose that option--instead we choose the option of linking the ad to a webpage that clearly identified the top five contributors (and the top three in the last 12 months as required by Spokane disclosure law).

This is a politically motivated complaint that will clearly be dismissed by the PDC. The damage to Washington REALTORS® from this baseless complaint was compounded by inaccurate and incomplete reporting which needs to be corrected immediately. Words matter, stories matter, accuracy matters. 

In the future please feel free to contact me directly if you ever need a comment on a story regarding Washington REALTORS®.

Nathan Gorton
Government Affairs Director
Washington REALTORS®

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