Statement on Rep. Matt Shea

Washington REALTORS® position on Representative Matt Shea.

When Washington REALTORS® learned of Matt Shea's writings, we took the unprecedented step of revoking his endorsement and issued the statement below last year. That statement still stands. Washington REALTORS® is a member-driven organization and our members will not support elected officials who espouse intolerance, now or in the future.

Statement from November 2018: “The recent disturbing stories regarding Rep. Matt Shea’s writings have greatly concerned Washington REALTORS®. Washington REALTORS® values inclusion and civility-the opposite of what Rep. Matt Shea has espoused. Accordingly, Washington REALTORS® is requesting that Rep. Shea return the $2,000 contribution from the REALTOR® Political Action Committee and that he remove Washington REALTORS® name from any campaign material. We believe that Washington State needs strong inclusive leadership on both sides of the aisle. Those values—our values—are not reflected in Rep. Shea’s recent writings.”

If you have questions on Washington REALTORS endorsements, please email Nathan Gorton, Washington REALTORS Government Affairs Director or call 360.943.3100.

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