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A Successful Legislative Day Event

Over 500 REALTORS® adorned with “Unlock the Door for Affordable Homeownership” scarves converged on Olympia for the Washington REALTORS® Legislative Day event.


Legislative Day Registration is Open!

Registration for 2019 Legislative Day is now open. Join us for two amazing days of defending our industry in Olympia while enjoying a networking opportunity with hundreds of other REALTORS® from across the state.


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Time To Review The Health Of Your Team

Now that financial incentives to affiliate with one broker over another is climbing, it may be useful to focus on what creates and maintains a healthy organizational culture. When brokerage firms talk about their strong cultures, it’s important to focus on what is at the core.

Photo of a Doctor

The Other Side Of Real Estate: How Much Tech Is Too Much?

I have never questioned my professional judgment more than in my current role. I oscillate between feeling as though I’m not moving projects forward fast enough and feeling as though I’m overwhelming our agents and staff with too many changes. How much is too much?

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Global Branded Residences See Exponential Growth

The concept of branded residences dates back over 90 years and predominantly comprises a hotel development with integrated or adjoining private residences. The owners of these residences benefit from owning a home with the prestige of a hotel brand, top-class management and the services provided by a five-star hotel.

Photo of a housing development in Visakhapatnam, India


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Offers Without a Financing Contingency

Oct 6, 2017, 10:33 AM
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