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Big News On Tax Reform

In the anticipation of passage of the final tax reform package late tonight or night or early tomorrow morning, Washington REALTORS® President Margo Willis issued the following statement:

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REALTORS®' Position on Tax Reform

We've received a lot of inquiries from members and the public regarding our position on Tax Reform...

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Call For Action #TaxReform

Do no harm to Homeownership! Take action with a few very simple steps to let Congress know that you want to protect tax incentives for homeowners.

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How to Connect with Your Sphere Through Social Media

Social media marketing expert Katie Lance helps brokers become equipped to stay in touch with their clients in a meaningful and relevant way after the transaction.

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Big data has become a big topic. Businesses of all kinds are using more and more data to assist in making decisions and using AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools to help make sense of the piles of information that accumulate in front of every business executive. Realty execs are faced with the challenge of both determining what data matters to them and how they can get their hands on it. The last question, of course, is how to use it to implement smarter decision-making.

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Let's Terminate Use of the Word Rescind

We have an industry-wide misunderstanding of what happens at the end of a failed transaction and the paperwork that is needed to send departing parties on their way. The misunderstanding results in lots of confusion for all of us, the professionals, so imagine what it does to our collective clients.

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