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Advocacy? But what does that really mean?

REALTORS® are constantly facing forces from many directions that threaten their profession. Threats to housing incentives and programs, increased regulations, lack of available financing and inventory shortages are only a few of the issues that REALTORS® confront every day.

Washington REALTORS® work on your behalf so that you can practice real estate with the assurance that someone is protecting you and your clients. Want to see how we accomplish this? Come to our conferences, fundraisers, Capital Hill visits and more. There are plenty of opportunities for networking, too. Get involved in advocacy related committees.  These committees are full of hard-working, dedicated individuals with the single goal of protecting REALTORS® & their clients.   

Want to be a part of one of these committees? Contact Amy Davis at (800) 562-6024 x 118 or

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Government Affairs News

  • Big News On Tax Reform


    In the anticipation of passage of the final tax reform package late tonight or night or early tomorrow morning, Washington REALTORS® President Margo Willis issued the following statement:

  • REALTORS®' Position on Tax Reform


    We've received a lot of inquiries from members and the public regarding our position on Tax Reform...

  • Misinformation on Tax Reform


    Tackling misinformation spread by Heritage Action for America regarding Tax Reform.

  • Call For Action #TaxReform


    Do no harm to Homeownership! Take action with a few very simple steps to let Congress know that you want to protect tax incentives for homeowners.

  • Legislative Successes


    Coming into the 2017 Legislative Session we knew two things. First, because of a Supreme Court order, the Legislature was going to have to spend significantly more money on K-12 education. Second, we knew that real estate and REALTORS® were in the cross hairs on where that revenue would come from. With a final budget vote taken on June 30th we can now tell you who the winners this session were - schools in our communities and also small businesses like yours.

  • Call to Action - Oppose Increase of the REET


    Increasing a real estate tax rate that is already one of highest in the country, and is not a fair or stable revenue source, will hurt affordability for homeowners, businesses, and renters. REALTORS® request you oppose increasing the Real Estate Excise Tax.