Instructions for Local Associations:

Association Executives may nominate REALTORS®, affiliates, or citizens from their own local award winner choices or they may select new nominees. Association Executives are encouraged to form their own committee or utilize an existing awards committee to select nominees.  The REALTOR® of the Year award is the only exception; the nominees for this award MUST be the local association REALTOR® of the Year award winner for the year of application (2017).  If you are a member or someone from the public who wishes to nominate a REALTOR®, please contact your local association to suggest the nomination. All nominations are submitted by local associations at their discretion.

Important Items:

  • THE FORM:  Association Executives must fill out the form in its entirety so that all candidates are judged on an even basis. Most awards are judged on a point system so please do not leave any sections blank. We encourage you to work with your nominees to fill in all areas of the nomination form. Judges cannot stress enough how important it is to completely fill out the nomination form.
  • PHOTO: We also required a high-quality photo of the nominee. Please do not submit low-resolution files copied from nominees websites or email signatures. The nomination form will not be considered complete if no photo is submitted (or if the photo is unusable).
  • HELP: Washington REALTORS® staff is available to assist you should you have any questions or complications with the form. Washington REALTORS® can provide some committee information should you need and request it (contact


Citizen of the Year Award

This award is given to a non-REALTOR® and selection is based on nominee’s contribution of service to the public, i.e., as a public official, educator, business professional, philanthropist, etc.   Each year we recognize a non-REALTOR® citizen that makes a significant contribution to the health and vibrancy of our communities. 

Affiliate of the Year Award

This award is open to non-REALTORS® associated with the real estate industry such as employees of title companies, lending institutions, appraisers, etc.  Affiliates are some of the best supporters of our Association and industry!  



Community Service

The REALTOR® Community Service Award is based on the outstanding contributions of a REALTOR® to the local community, as well as being an active professional member of his/her local Board/Association.  

Partner of the Year

This award is given to a cooperating association, news media, service provider, community activist group, etc.  Selection will be based on community affairs, support of REALTOR® issues and support of REALTOR® efforts overall. 



REALTOR® Achievement

The REALTOR® achievement award is given to the REALTOR® who is active in both the local board and the state association boards.  Nominees must demonstrate involvement in civic, community or business affairs and must exhibit a commitment to education, professionalism and ethical business practices.

REALTOR of the Year

This award is the highest tribute the Washington Association of REALTORS® bestows upon its members. Since 1955, this award has recognized outstanding service to the Local, State and National Associations as well as community involvement. The REALTOR® of the Year demonstrates what we call “REALTOR® Spirit”, a faithfulness to the principles of the REALTOR® organization, professionalism and the Code of Ethics.  The nominee must have been a 2017 Local Association REALTOR® of the Year award recipient to be a candidate. 


Education Award

The Eddy Award

The Eddy Award symbolizes the importance of quality education by promoting Realtor® professionalism at the local, state or national level.  Award winners could have contributed through committee work, course development, program development, teaching, assisting in course delivery, or other activities deemed appropriate that contribute to real estate education. 

Education Award

The Hugh Hawkins Award

The Hugh Hawkins Award recognizes excellence in real estate teaching. It will be given to the instructor who best reflects the values and skills that Hugh Hawkins brought to the classroom and the industry. Accordingly, the Task Force will consider not just the instructor’s teaching style, but also the extent to which those nominated for the Award imparted information in a way that influences their students, i.e., the extent to which students were inspired to change their behavior and/or the way they do business as well as their commitment to WR Education. 


Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership Guidelines and Application

WR Life Membership Guidelines

Pursuant to Article II, Section 9, WR Bylaws, "life membership" status (waiver of state dues) is granted to members who meet the following requirements:  
A.  Must have a minimum of 20 years of membership in WR and be over 60 years of age.
B.  Must have held leadership positions in Local and State Associations and be currently active at both levels.
C.  Must be a life member of the Local Association.
D.  Must have a valid real estate license as a broker or salesperson and be currently active in the real estate industry.

State "Life Membership Award” Nominating Guidelines:
1) Nominations for the Life Membership Award must come from either the local or state association.
2) All local associations will be notified of the guidelines and provided with the appropriate form/application(s).
3) The application and criteria for the state award will be the same as used by NAR for the DSA Membership*, with the exception of years served.  (WR only requires 20 years of service, whereas NAR requires 25.)
4) Application for the state “Life Membership Award” will be reviewed by the state “Awards Committee” and a points system will be used to select the awardees.
5) Members receiving the “Life Membership Award” will be recognized at the annual Awards event.
6) WR will use the same criteria as NAR in limiting the number of recipients in any given year to, “…no more than 2 selected in any given year.”

*NAR’s “Distinguished Service Award” (DSA) Nominating Guidelines:

1) Nominations for DSA must come from either the local or state association.
2) All local associations will be notified of the guidelines and provided with the appropriate form/application(s).
3) Application for ”DSA” will be reviewed by the state “NAR Directors” and, in the event of a tie, applications will be reviewed and be based on a points system. 
4) The applicant meeting NAR’s criteria, (and in the case of a tie, the applicant with the highest points) will be passed forward to NAR.

Download the LifetimeMembershipForm-011018

Nominations Deadline

March 5, 2018

Awards Luncheon

WR Spring Business Conference
Seattle Airport Marriott - SeaTac
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Awards Luncheon, 11:30 AM 


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