• Top 10 Reasons Sellers Should Stage Their Home


    Home staging is one of the most exciting and effective marketing tools to sell a home. However, some sellers are not aware of staging and how effective it can be. It is often a REALTOR®’s job to show them how it is worth the small investment when they put their home on the market. When part of your marketing plan, staging is another tool to prove to your seller that you are the best broker to sell their home.

  • "I don't want to hire a lawyer. That's why I hired YOU!"


    Statutory law, the Agency Law to be specific, is very clear. A broker has a non-negotiable duty "to advise the [client] to seek expert advice on matters relating to the transaction that are beyond the agent's expertise." RCW 18.86.040-060. Said differently, if there is an aspect of the transaction that exceeds broker's expertise, broker must advise the client to seek the advice of an expert on that aspect of the transaction. Broker is not required to insure that the client actually seeks or adheres to an expert's opinion. Broker's sole responsibility, with respect to this requirement, is "to advise".

  • Throwing Your Hat Into the Ring


    For Sara Fagen and Doug Sosnik, "getting involved" comes pretty naturally. Having held distinguished positions in some of the nation's most visible political campaigns and organizations, they have an inside track on the value of getting (and staying) involved with politics, advocacy, and issues that they're passionate about. Fagen, who served as a senior aide and White House political director to President George W. Bush, says REALTORS® who want to get involved should start by conveying their objectives to elected leaders.

  • A Millennial Mindset


    Generational shifts are spurring real estate professionals to take advantage of new tech tools. As more new residents move to Washington -- and as that demographic becomes younger with each passing year -- the real estate industry is inevitably evolving to adapt to those demographic realities. With an influx of younger residents looking for both jobs and homes, Washington real estate professionals are faced with circumstances that represent both challenges and opportunities.

  • Compensation Conundrum


    Of all the questions that make real estate brokers cringe, "Will you cut your commission?" probably tops the list. Sometimes the question comes on the phone before you have even met the seller. Perhaps the question comes after you have been working with the seller for weeks to get their house ready (and the seller has spent several hundred dollars to do so) so now when it comes time to sign the listing agreement, the seller wants to save a few dollars and cutting your commission is the quickest means to that end. Or it could be that because you have a relationship with the seller, a commission cut is expected.

  • Consult the Coach - Winter 2016


    Dear Coach, I am going on a vacation and want to enjoy myself without worrying about the active transactions I am leaving behind. In the past, I have attempted to manage these while on vacation, however my partner gets annoyed with me when I am working on a deal from an internet cafe in Cabo San Lucas. I also feel like I am cheating myself of a well-deserved vacation since I am thinking of my business instead of being present for my partner and myself. What do you suggest?

  • New Marketing Strategies for 2016


    New Marketing Strategies for 2016 - There's nothing like the new year to help you turn over a new leaf, purge the systems that haven't been working, and start testing out some new ways to attract customers to your real estate business. With most agents continuing to use a mix of offline and online methods of filling the business pipeline, we came up with a melting pot of ideas for you to leverage in 2016.

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