• Property Management Q & A - Autumn 2016


    I recently attended a conference for property managers and one of my colleagues mentioned that they had received a letter from the Attorney General's office asserting that it was not prohibited to deny applicants based on criminal history. I didn't want to press my friend too much as to what this was all about, but I thought I would ask you what was going on and if this sounded correct.

  • Top Mistakes Brokers Are Making, Part 2


    The Washington State Department of Licensing regulates real estate brokers and disciplines licensees for non-compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. DOL disciplinary trends reveal the most common mistakes brokers are making.

  • Consult the Coach - Autumn 2016


    Dear Coach, I am feeling sort of down and out working with frustrated buyers who keep losing out on the homes they really like. Their frustration, disappointment, and anxiety are impacting me and I think my 'less than excited' attitude is being perceived by my clients. What do you think would help me regain my enthusiasm and positive outlook?

  • Celebrating Your Clients


    If a real estate broker can harness the power of their database and past clients through stellar communication, they are less likely to be faced with the feast and famine scenario that a changing market might bring. Celebrating your clients is your key to success in any market.

  • REALTOR® PROfile: Abbey Parsons


    After accumulating years of experience in the hospitality industry, Abbey Parsons, Spokane REALTOR® and 2017 Young Professionals Network President created a successful second career in an industry where extreme customer service truly pays off.

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