Consult the Coach - Summer 2016

Dear Coach:

How do I keep my marketing efforts going, especially when I get busy with clients?

Lack of Consistency

Dear Lack of Consistency:

This is a common challenge among brokers. What typically happens is that brokers work on their marketing, and then when they get a couple of clients, the marketing drops off the radar and is forgotten. Until, of course, there are no more clients to work with. Then some marketing activity begins. I call this “seesaw” marketing and it lacks consistency, effectiveness, and results in an inconsistent cash flow. Here are some suggestions:

Create a WRITTEN MARKETING PLAN that includes personal contact with your sphere and past clients, email marketing, social media, and possibly direct mail marketing. To be top of mind, stay connected consistently and have a written plan.

SCHEDULE your marketing activities on a calendar with reminders to help ensure that they happen as planned.

Be a CONSISTENT MARKETER, even when you have clients you are working with. Doing a few things consistently (daily or weekly) is much better than doing lots of things inconsistently.

Set up MARKETING SYSTEMS that help you easily maintain a consistent marketing presence. Some ideas: 1) Set up and maintain a database of the people in your sphere, especially past clients. The best databases are filled with the people who know and trust you. Need help with your database? Check out 2) Send out just listed and just sold postcards. There are a variety of companies who can help you set up a template so that you can minimize your time. Check out which offers a variety of real estate postcards. Also, consider partnering with your lender or escrow company.

The most successful brokers continue to do personal marketing, even when they are busy with clients. They spend 1-2 hours each morning MAKING CALLS and PERSONAL CONNECTIONS with their sphere and past clients. There is no better return on investment (ROI) for your marketing time and dollar. If you only do this one thing, you should succeed!

At the end of the day, keep in mind that YOU are your most effective marketing tool. So, network and get out and meet people. Everyone likes to talk and learn about real estate so let people know that you are a REALTOR®.


About the Coach:

Stuart Kaufman

Stuart Kaufman, MS, MBA, is a Real Estate Columnist and Business Coach who motivates, coaches, trains, and inspires real estate brokers to be focused and accountable to themselves. Stuart provides a Jump Start coaching session that helps brokers get unstuck and move forward. To contact the Coach, send an e-mail to or call (206) 725‑1584. © Copyright 2016, Metamorphosis Coaching. All Rights Reserved.


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