Consult the Coach - Spring 2019

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Dear Coach

I am feeling overwhelmed and unfocused as a result of the many (too many) marketing activities I’ve got going on to sustain my real estate business. What do you suggest?


Dear Overwhelmed:

Feeling overwhelmed and unfocused is not unusual when running your own real estate business. There are many marketing activities you can choose to do; and the goal is to find the critical few that will yield the best results.

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. The key is to identify the critical few activities (your 20%) that will make the most positive difference and have the greatest impact in your business. In this instance, doing less is more.

Here are some ideas to identify your critical few…


Research how your past clients have found you. Was it your blog? Referrals from past clients? Open houses? Your loan officer? Social Media? Keep records of how your clients find you to help you identify your critical few marketing activities. What was the most effective activity that yielded the most clients?


Most brokers include staying connected to their past clients and referral sources as one of their critical few activities. How do you consistently stay connected? Are you the “top of mind” broker to the people in your sphere?


Reviewing and practicing your presentation materials is frequently mentioned as a critical marketing activity. As experienced broker’s point out, it’s one thing to get a referral; it’s another thing to have that referral hire you. Be prepared with a fine-tuned buyers and listing presentation.


You will want to create a written daily and weekly routine that incorporates your critical few marketing activities. When we put activities and commitments in writing, they become more real and more likely to happen.


Track your critical few activities on a chart each day and week to help you be accountable and consistent. We can’t manage what we can’t measure.

In summary, identify the 2-4 marketing activities that most impact your ability to get and retain new clients. It’s quality, not quantity. It’s about being efficient and focused. I wish you much success!



About the Coach

Stuart Kaufman, MS, MBA, is a Real Estate Columnist and Coach who motivates, coaches, trains, and inspires real estate brokers to focus on lead generation, being accountable, and living a balanced life. Contact the Coach at © Copyright 2019, Metamorphosis Coaching. All Rights Reserved.

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