• So far, so good...


    So far, the 2015 session has been a good session for REALTORS® and their clients.

  • Special Session is Imminent....


    This week marks the final week of the regular legislative session, which will end on Sunday, April 26.

  • Update: Now, the negotiations begin...


    The House and the Senate have each released their initial budget offers. Like all budgets there are aspects we like and aspects we don’t like in both. The House Budget is much worse for the real estate community however.

  • February Housing Sales Surprise With Upswing


    The REAL Trends Housing Market Report for February 2015 shows that housing sales increased 6.6 percent from the same month a year ago. All four regions reported unit sales had increased from a year ago, a drastic change from the previous month’s decline in housing sales in three out of four regions.

  • Call for Action!


    In Olympia today, the House of Representatives released a proposed new budget and tax plan that includes significant new taxes on both REALTORS® and real estate.

  • This week marks the halfway point...


    This week marks the halfway point for policy bill review. House and Senate committees are working quickly to hear and move bills out of committee prior to the House releasing its budget next week.

  • Legislative Progress Report


    Yesterday we passed a major cutoff in the state legislature. All bills had to be out of their originating house by 5:00pm, so we spent the last 3 days doing everything we could to get bills pulled from rules and on the floor calendar and then voted on in their respective chambers.

  • House of Origin Cutoff Deadline


    This Wednesday, March 11, is the house of origin cutoff deadline. This means that all bills must be passed out of their house of origin by this date- House bills out of the House, and Senate bills out of the Senate - to remain alive.

  • Attention Moves to the Floor


    For the next nine days all attention moves to the floor of the House and the Senate. In order to remain alive the bills must be voted out of their house of origin by March 11th.

  • The Budget Battles Are About to Begin


    Every week during the Legislative Session one of the Washington REALTORS® contacts on the Hill will give you a brief update on what is happening in Olympia and how it affects you...


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