• Brokerage Firms Dead? Why The Predictions Are Wrong


    We read recently that Robert Reffkin, founder and CEO of Compass said that, essentially, brokerage firms as we know them would be dead and gone in ten years, that technology and agent teams will become the prevalent model at that time and that Compass will be a market leader. This comes on the heels of Reffkin saying last fall that Compass would have "a 20 percent market share in 20 large markets by 2020." We weren't at Inman recently where Reffkin supposedly commented on the future of brokerage, but we will accept the written words and recollections of an Inman writer on this issue.

  • The Age of Amazon, Lesson 2: Commoditized Products and Services


    If you offer commoditized services and products, expect to be treated as such by your customers -- and by Amazon. Online shopping isn't new. I can recall seeing ads for online merchandise on television 40 years ago -- call this toll-free number and order today. Amazon certainly isn't the only online merchant out there. Today, there aren't many products you can't order online.

  • Legal Hotline - Antitrust and Social Media


    Real estate brokers must maintain a constant vigil against inadvertent violations of antitrust laws. Legal Hotline Lawyer Annie Fitzsimmons helps explain why...

  • REALTORS® as Change Agents


    FAIR HOUSING CONVERSATIONS - By creating a safe and welcoming space for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer (LGBTQ) homebuyers and renters, Washington real estate brokers can make a difference in their own communities and statewide.

  • REALTOR® PROfile, Eric Etzel


    A Spokane REALTOR® with a passion for community work, classic cars, and his extraordinary referral based business.

  • Market REsearch - Statistics


    Market RE Search by Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies, University of Washington and the 2017 Consumer Survey of Washington State Residents in the Market to Buy or Sell a Home...

  • SEO & PPC, Success Through Targeted Keywords


    How do you know which keywords to incorporate into your website and blog copy? Here is how to get started.

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