Autumn 2017 EDITION

  • How to Connect with Your Sphere Through Social Media


    Social media marketing expert Katie Lance helps brokers become equipped to stay in touch with their clients in a meaningful and relevant way after the transaction.

  • Let's Terminate Use of the Word Rescind


    We have an industry-wide misunderstanding of what happens at the end of a failed transaction and the paperwork that is needed to send departing parties on their way. The misunderstanding results in lots of confusion for all of us, the professionals, so imagine what it does to our collective clients.

  • Don't Hide, Engage Disruption


    Shying away from the disruptive edges of real estate might seem like a clear path forward, but we’re entering a stage of innovative investment like we’ve never seen before.

  • RE Statistics


    Find the latest housing statistics from the Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies at the University of Washington.

  • Building Trust in a Community


    "REALTORS® should be aware of the effect that growth has on a community, the diverse households that live there and the diminished affordable housing opportunities that can result. Expansion and growth are good for our business but we should be conscious of giving back to communities where people often struggle because of the growth."

  • Building a Lead Generation Plan from the Ground Up


    Real estate marketing expert Denise Lones helps brokers structure a plan that resonates with themselves.

  • Property Management - Autumn 2017


  • Consult the Coach - Autumn 2017


    Coach Stuart Kaufman addresses a question from a broker who is having trouble with managing their two team members.

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