Redfin And RE/MAX Partner To Reach New Markets

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With this new partnership, REAL Trends wonders who else may be partnering?

With the announcement that RE/MAX, the world’s largest residential brokerage franchise and Redfin, the United States’ largest tech-driven brokerage, have entered into a partnership agreement to broaden Redfin’s reach into new markets and secure a valuable source of online prospects, the whole industry must now wonder whether there are numerous more partnerships and restructurings coming.

The Redfin-RE/MAX partnership also highlights that, while some wonder about the future of the nearly 50-year-old brand, Dave Liniger, and CEO Adam Contos are not planning for a status quo future. The Redfin deal tops the successful launch of Motto Mortgage, which now counts over 100 franchises in less than three years with future growth rates climbing. Also, RE/MAX is investigating how to improve the growth prospects of its largest brokerage franchises in several areas, some of which have not been attempted before by any franchiser.

In the Redfin deal, RE/MAX agents in Canada will become the preferred agent partners with Redfin as it pushes into Canada. In areas in the United States where Redfin does not have owned and operated units, RE/MAX agents will also have access to the lead flow from Redfin’s strong online presence. Both companies are exploring other ways to work together in the future.

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