Consult the Coach - Spring 2018

Dear Coach: 

I create an annual marketing plan at the beginning of each year. I always have every intention of doing the activities on that plan. However, I find that week’s go by and I don’t do the most important tasks, which are usually staying connected to my past clients and sphere. Other activities either don’t get done consistently, or don’t get done at all. I am frustrated and would appreciate your suggestions.

Signed, Not Following My Plan

Dear Not Following My Plan:

First off, congratulations on creating a written, annual marketing plan. Many brokers don’t get this far. Your challenge is implementing your plan so that you can achieve your personal and financial goals. There are four key elements that can help you implement your marketing plan this year:

  1. Create a marketing calendar by taking the activities on your annual marketing plan and marking them on a monthly calendar so you know which activities need to be done each day of the week for the current month. Transfer these activities onto your daily schedule/calendar. Use calendar or task apps and keep these activities in front of you each day. 
  2. Schedule time for making marketing contacts first thing in the morning before opening your email or getting involved in other potential distractions. If you find yourself deleting, or moving, these daily marketing activities on a regular basis, you will need some help. See #4. 
  3. Track your daily and weekly marketing activities on a spreadsheet so you have hard data as to how well you are executing your plan. If you don’t measure your marketing activities, then you will have difficulty managing them. Since marketing activities are important to your business growth, it is certainly worth your time and effort to track and review your efforts each day and week. 
  4. Finally, it is vital to be accountable to someone so that you are not the only one who knows what marketing activities you want to accomplish. When you are the only one who knows your commitments, it can be easy not to do them. Accountability is a cornerstone of success. 

    About the Coach:

Stuart Kaufman, MS, MBA, is a Real Estate Columnist and Business Coach who motivates, coaches, trains, and inspires real estate brokers to focus on lead generation, being accountable, and living a balanced life.  Stuart offers a complimentary coaching conversation to help Brokers begin to plan, execute, and close more transactions. To contact the Coach, send an e-mail to © Copyright 2018, Metamorphosis Coaching. All Rights Reserved.

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