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Podcasting is taking the real estate world by storm! At the recent Inman Connect conference in New York City, Dustin Brohm from the Massive Agent Podcast said onstage, “Podcasting is huge for two main reasons: you can listen to it while you are doing something else (walking the dog, driving, working out) and they are free!”

I couldn’t agree more. In fact this year I am in the process of launching my own podcast.

As I’ve watched social media and content marketing evolve over the years, it has been really interesting to see different mediums evolve as well. I am still a huge believer in creating visual content like videos, Facebook Live or Instagram content. However, there is something to be said about hearing and seeing your message that helps viewers connect you.

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What appeals to me most about podcasting is that it is in some ways a much more personal medium. You are speaking right into someone’s ears. Additionally, as a creator, you have a little more freedom when you create a podcast. You aren’t on camera and you aren’t worrying about how you look or what you are wearing.

Podcasting can feel like a very overwhelming process, but when done right, it can help grow your expertise and attract the clients that resonate with you. Here are a few simple steps for getting started:

Name & Topic

The name can be as simple as your name or your business or community. Think about what type of content you want to share and this will help create and form your title. Your topics should be things you are passionate about. It could be community or neighborhood happenings, real estate or housing tips, what’s going on with your local market, etc. Looking for some inspiration? Go to or and start searching real estate topics or topics of interest to you to get a flavor of what is out there and different formats available.

Brand Yourself

When you start a podcast you are going to want to have a graphic that showcases your podcast (known as ‘cover art’)—this is what will appear if people are listening to your podcast on iTunes or on an Android. You can go to to hire someone or you can create your own using a tool like Canva.

Format & Structure

You are going to want to think about the format for your podcast. It’s many ways, it’s easier to start a podcast if it’s just you. Bill Risser, VP, Digital Strategy for Fidelity National Title, Tampa District and host of the podcast The Real Estate Sessions says, “Adding on the layer of interviewing someone on your podcasts adds on another layer of complexities. Starting with just recording yourself with your own content is an easier place to start.”

Plan & Promote

Think about how you will promote your podcast. Will you post a link to it on your site? How about sharing it on social media? How often? Don’t suffer from analysis paralysis—you may not have a complete plan worked out but don’t let that stop you from creating and getting your podcast out there. Bonus tip—if you are active on Snapchat or Instagram you can create graphics to promote your podcast on or

Recording, Broadcasting & Editing Hosting

There are all types of equipment you can purchase but if you are just starting, you can record right from your phone or you can use a great tool—Anchor.FM to host your podcast. This is one of the easiest places to get started when it comes to podcasting. You can also use or for hosting and syndicating your podcast. If you aren’t sure how to edit, you may start your podcast with just the content you want to share including a beginning intro and an ending outro. As you progress and become more savvy, you can always hire a freelance podcast editor to assist as needed.

Stay Organized

Use a free tool like a Google Spreadsheet to keep a list of topics, shows, and notes for yourself to keep yourself organized.

Grow Your Podcast

Consistency makes a big difference. Pick a day you are going to publish and stick to it!

Batch Your Content

When I record my podcast content I batch create it—I will create and record three or four episodes in one sitting.

Final Thoughts

Remember, your podcasts don’t have to be lengthy. You can start with podcasts that are 5-10 minutes and you can always grow from there if you’d like. One of my favorite podcasters, Debra Trappen who hosts the podcast “Fire Up Your Moxie with Debra Trappen” has some long-form interview-style podcast episodes but she also has many five or six minute ones. These bite-sized episodes are great for people on the go!

The key here, just like anything, is to start. Do you have a podcast? I’d love to hear from you and check it out. Shoot me a message over on Facebook or Instagram.



Katie Lance

Katie Lance is the author of #GetSocialSmart and founder and CEO of Katie Lance Consulting, a social media strategy firm. Her #GetSocialSmart Academy features on-demand social media education to help real estate professionals take their social media strategy to the next level. For more information, please go to and use the promo code WAREALTOR to save $30 off your monthly membership in to the academy.

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