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I am a relatively new broker. How do I convince clients that even though I am a fairly new, that I am perfectly capable of handling the sale of their house?

Signed, New Broker




This is a great question. All brokers started out as “newbies” and had to deal with this issue. There are several things you can do that will help you be viewed as a competent broker. The common denominator is to build trust.


I am guessing you have already completed several successful transactions. Get testimonials from these clients that describe what they valued when working with you and how you helped them. Post these testimonials on your website and mention them when you are meeting with prospective clients.


Create effective buyer and seller presentations. Practice your presentations so you come across confident, competent, and trustworthy.


Create a systematic approach to listings and buyers that demonstrates you have a proven process. Many brokers use checklists. The more you can show clients that you have a plan, the more they will trust you.


Use your active listening and questioning skills so that prospective clients feel heard and understood. This will build confidence and trust.


If appropriate, leverage your brokerage company’s reputation. If your brokerage company is a market leader in your area, highlight this during presentations.

When you get a question that you don’t know how to answer, say that you don’t know and that you will get back to them. Then, follow-up promptly. If you need help, you can always ask your managing broker.

Stuart Kaufman
Stuart Kaufman, MS, MBA, is a Real Estate Columnist and Coach who motivates, coaches, trains, and inspires real estate brokers to focus on lead generation, being accountable, and living a balanced life. Contact the Coach at © Copyright 2019, Metamorphosis Coaching. All Rights Reserved.

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