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If you’re a real-estate professional, technology is already making a huge impact in your daily life, whether you’re using apps for unlocking key boxes, gathering information about active listings, creating drone photography or posting video property tours. The latest safety tools and protocols for real estate professionals are also becoming an important arsenal in every real-estate professional’s tool box.

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) hosts an ever-growing list of safety related technology resources on its website:
NAR states that it has not vetted and does not endorse any of these individual products. But their list does represent a fascinating collection of apps and services that approach broker safety from two distinct positions: identifying and vetting clients in advance of meetings; and issuing either silent or loud alarms to notify people (law enforcement, friends and family, business associates and neighbors) that you need immediate help while sharing your location.

Both of these approaches are valuable, and each offers an important safety layer. Simply downloading, subscribing to or launching one of these services gets us thinking about safety, planning answers to possible problems and thinking ahead. This is a great start, and something each of us should do regularly. Your safety starts by thinking about your safety.

But none of these services is a one-size-fits-all, guaranteed tool to address all the risks real-estate brokers face. It is dangerous to place all your faith in a single tool.

Take the services that send a distress message and GPS location to pre-selected friends and law enforcement officers. It’s good to be able to send out a call for help, but until that help arrives, you’re on your own. For some amount of time, you must deal with whatever problem triggered your distress call in the first place.

Merely downloading an app or subscribing to a service can’t provide the complete complement of skills necessary to protect ourselves while waiting for help to arrive. This is why I’m such a strong advocate for multiple layers of safety protocols—including practical self-defense training, working in tandem with people you trust whenever possible, wearing sensible shoes to facilitate a quick escape, awareness training, sharpening your intuition and a host of other measures.

Technology is a great tool. And the apps and services listed on NAR’s website provide a solid place to start when seeking partial solutions. They range in price from free to upwards of $200. And some services charge a monthly subscription fee as well. So, it is imperative that every broker research this technology, and determine which program and price point is most beneficial for their specific needs.

Remember, whatever option you choose, it is only one of the layers you need to consider deploying for your overall safety.

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