Realtor® PROfile: Steve Chung

Steve Chung
Training and Mentoring the Modern Real Estate Broker

When Steve Chung got his real estate license in 1993, he was looking to do something a little different with his life. In construction at the time, Chung saw an informercial for Carleton Sheets’ “No Money Down” real estate course and the rest, as they say, is history. “I was pumped up and ready to go,” recalls Chung, designated broker, office leader, and trainer at John L. Scott Real Estate. 

Not long after getting Sheets’ course in the mail, Chung learned about the process of becoming a licensed broker. After successfully completing the course and passing the test, he hung his license with a Century 21 broker in Los Angeles. Not long after moving to Washington in 1999, Chung’s Century 21 office was acquired by John L. Scott Real Estate.

Managing, Training, Recruiting

Today, Chung oversees the management, training, and recruiting of brokers in three different offices in Dupont, Olympia, and Lacey. “The owners started out with a small, 8-person shop eight years ago in Dupont,” says Chung. “Over the last eight years, it has grown to three large offices with nearly 80 agents.” In his role, Chung works with the brokers, helping them build their business, coaching them, and getting them to the next level. 

“When I was actively selling real estate, I experienced a fair amount of success from being coached myself,” he says. “Now, my goal is to share that with the brokers who are coming into our company right now.” 

Chung also helps existing brokers adapt to changes and shifts in the industry, including the major forms change that took place in 2021. For that, he helped at his local REALTOR® association, training area brokers and helping them get familiar with the new forms. “Education is everything, especially when it comes to forms,” says Chung. “The more we know about the forms, the better off we are as an industry.”

Become a Sponge

Pointing to the high exit rate for new real estate brokers (87% of people who get licensed drop out of the business within the first five years), Chung has taken it upon himself to help whittle that number down and keep more brokers engaged in their careers and on a success path. He sees mentorship as a piece of the puzzle. 

To new agents coming into the industry, Chung says his best advice is to learn as much as you can. “Become a sponge when you first get into real estate,” he explains. “Find a good mentor, or a company that offers mentoring, coaching, and education, because that's what sets you on the path to success for what you do in the next year, and for years to come.”


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