New Year, New You?

In 2019, approximately 7% of survey participants stuck to all of their new years resolutions. 19% kept some but not all, and 8% of participants failed to keep any. Here is what you may not have expected. 57% choose not to make any New Years Resolutions for 2019. In 2020, only about 27% of survey participants decided to make any resolutions. And we all know 2020 was a unique year for many of us.
Regardless of the year, the fact remains... if we are being honest; we can see the durability of any new year’s resolutions by visiting any local gym in on a Monday night in January and then compare the attendance to the same night say, in mid-March. 
So, why do so many people fall short? Why do some people refuse to even try? And more importantly, as an entrepreneur and real estate professional, can we afford to be on this roller coaster of results?
First, people fall short because their expectations are rooted in what they want, not what they have. The idea is that if we have more, or accomplish more, that it is a fast road to a better us. The truth is though, that is a weak foundation to build on. Tony Robbins once said, “Success and happiness is not a destination, it is a means of travel.” He also said that; “If we trade our expectations for appreciation” that we will have a strong foundation for happiness in the moment and future growth.
Second, people “try” because they can at least say they did. In their mind, trying is better than lying, yet when we “try” with very little action to back it up, we are lying — to ourselves and anyone we talked about our promised efforts.
To quote the wise and sage Yoda... “Do or Do Not, There Is No Try.” Even if we DO and FAIL, it is a far greater learning experience to grow from than trying with no actual real effort.
Last, can we afford to be on this “real estate roller coaster”? Absolutely not! That said, if you want to make, keep and succeed in your resolutions, consider the following:

1. Be CLEAR about what you want and even more clear about WHY you want it.

2. When you are CLEAR, determine what your PRIORITIES need to be and the ACTIONS you MUST (not should) take to work toward those outcomes

3. Be CONSISTENT. Small successes consistently are far more valuable than the BIG, occasional wins. Why? Because the mind believes what you consistently feed it. 

New Year, New You? Not necessarily. Just be YOU, be CLEAR, and be READY and any time will be the right time for you. And don’t forget to appreciate what you have now. If we don’t appreciate what we have now, more won’t keep us happy later. 
What do you want? Why do you want it?
Go Get It!  ◊

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