• Leverage Your Time by Learning Your Net Rate Per Hour


    There comes a time in every broker’s business when a deal becomes too frustrating, a client becomes too demanding, the broker is showing homes too far out of area and at some point, they throw up their hands and say, “This isn’t worth it!”

  • RE Statistics - 4th Quarter 2016


    4th Quarter 2016 stats are in... Real Estate Market research provided by Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies, University of Washington

  • Property Management Q & A - Spring 2017


    Question: We manage a 150 unit complex in South Seattle. I have a tenant that wants to move his wife and child into the apartment he shares with a roommate. Their payment history is terrible. Due to the poor payment history, I don't want to allow any lease changes. Making this even more complicated, he disclosed to me that his wife was just released from parole in Texas. Does the fact that he disclosed this tie my hands to taking the application for his wife? Due to the recent HUD guidance, I am concerned about not letting her apply due to the criminal aspect. Could I tell him if he has clean rent and utility payments for 6 straight months I'll at least accept her application?

  • Consult The Coach - Spring 2017


    Dear Coach: I don't spend too much time looking at the finances of my Real Estate business. If I were to put some basic financial systems in place, what would that look like? Signed, Financially in the Dark

  • Legislative Update: Education, Water Rights, Taxes and more...


    Thank you to the 463 REALTORS® who joined us on January 19 in Olympia for our 2017 Legislative Hill Day. REALTORS® have again put forward a legislative agenda that protects our industry, our clients, and our communities. Read more to learn the status of our key bills (HB 1137, SB 5125, SB 5254, SB 5607, SB 5825, and SB 5239) for the 2017 Legislature, and also a summary of the initial proposals addressing the Supreme Court's McCleary education funding decision.

  • Defensible Business Strategy for Uncertain Times


    The speed with which our world is changing seems to be quickening. Whether technological, political, or economic, the forces that surround the way we live our lives and run our businesses are shifting swiftly.

  • Taking the Online Offline


    As much as I love social media and technology—there is nothing like meeting someone face-to-face. Social media will never replace an in-person meeting at a client’s home, a phone call or a handwritten note. But, when done right—social media can enhance and make the offline experience so much richer and more meaningful.

  • Tammy Adams - REALTOR® PROfile Spring 2017


    Olympia REALTOR® and third-generation real estate broker Tammy Adams comes full circle to share stories of success and family. After exploring her options in Montana and California, this third-generation broker returns home to Olympia to join her family’s successful real estate office.

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