• Data Standards


    "Data is the new oil." For some, this phrase rings true with data as an extremely valuable resource to be captured and protected. To others, tired of the ad nauseam conversations about data, it may sound like another shiny substance that greases every industry speaker's presentation.

  • Are You In Compliance? L&I Audits Will Reveal All


    Lack of Industrial Insurance coverage could leave firms on the hook for thousands of dollars in back coverage, interest and fines...

  • 2019 Session Ends with Big Wins for Washington REALTORS®


    The 2018 election results meant big changes in the Legislature. We ended a successful 2019 Session protecting our members, protecting their clients, protecting real estate transactions and providing opportunities to increase both commercial and residential real estate transactions...

  • AI-Powered Real Estate


    How artificial intelligence can help REALTORS® work smarter, better, and faster in any market conditions...

  • The Beauty of Hyogo


    The Amagasaki Local Association (Hyogo) is located in eastern part of the prefecture and boarders Osaka. In 2018 Amagasaki was voted as # 1 place to live in the Kansai region by the Mortgage and Lending Association.

  • Consult the Coach - Summer 2019


    Dear Coach: I am a relatively new broker. How do I convince clients that even though I am a fairly new, that I am perfectly capable of handling the sale of their house?

  • Property Management Q & A - Summer 2019


    Property Management Q & A: I have heard that I can no longer force tenants to pay late payment charges. Is this true?

  • Sales or Safety? Yes, You Can Have Both...


    Real estate sales can be one of the most dangerous careers in America. Real estate professionals typically meet strangers in vacant homes. Brokers often work alone and rarely observe significant safety procedures to thwart crime...

  • How to Maximize Instagram TV


    Video content is hot, hot, hot and even more so on Instagram. Are you leveraging Instagram TV (better known as, IGTV)?

  • Top 5 Tips for Staying Organized


    As a real estate broker, staying organized can be tough. One of the primary reasons is due to the many different places we do business—in the home, at the firm, in our cars and on the go...

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