Fair Housing Month


  • Be Prepared to Accommodate Service Animals


    Approximately 50% of fair housing complaints filed with HUD, state and local enforcement agencies allege that a housing or real estate professional refused to accommodate a person with a disability. To avoid a fair housing complaint, real estate professionals must be prepared to accommodate disabled buyers and sellers who arrive at open houses, office visits, and other meetings accompanied by a service animal.

  • Niche Markets


    The world we live in today is becoming more and more specialized. With the availability of over 500 cable channels, targeted magazines, and boundless specialists in most industries, ranging from fashion to healthcare, today’s consumers are used to finding products and services targeted to their specific needs or wants. This kind of consumer expectation lends itself particularly well for REALTORS® who decide to focus their business and specialize in a niche market.

  • The Ultimate Love Letter


    The process of searching for the “perfect” home can be exhilarating and exhausting. When a buyer finds the home that they simply “love” it is understandable that the buyer is motivated to ensure that their offer stands out above the rest. To achieve that goal, a buyer might include a “love letter” with their offer that professes their love for the home. While the buyer’s motivation is understandable, an offer that is accepted on the basis of anything other than the ultimate love letter—price and terms—might violate fair housing law.