• Sales And Management Success: The Role Of Luck


    Is your success due to luck? Or, is it something else? Are successful people just luckier? This question was posed to author and researcher Jim Collins several years ago at the REAL Trends Gathering of Eagles Conference...

  • How Did The National Firms Do In The First 6 Months?


    We just reviewed the first six months results from eXp, Keller Williams, Realogy, Redfin, RE/MAX and Zillow. We share highlights of their results, and, in most cases, compare them to their results from the same six-month period a year ago...

  • Culture Is Key: 5 Tips For Ensuring a Seamless M&A Transition


    Have you considered the human aspect when contemplating a merger or acquisition? While your decisions may center on sound financial projections, the personal element is equally important in paving a smooth path to a successful future together.

  • FHFA Refinance Fee — Industry Fails To See Logic In New Fee


    On August 13, the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced it was implementing a 1.5% fee on the loan amount for the majority of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac refinance loans. This did not sit well with the housing industry, for obvious reasons...

  • Global Growth: The Tiny House Movement


    Defined as an architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes, the tiny house movement is growing across the world. A tiny home is a residential structure under 400 square feet...

  • July Home Buyer Traffic Surges 60.7 Percent


    July Home Buyer Traffic Surges 60.7 Percent — Buyer Demand Continues to Outstrip Supply Following Third Consecutive Month of Increasing Showing Traffic

  • COVID-19, Civil Unrest & The Economy


    COVID-19, work-from-home mandates and civil unrest have created a perfect storm for our nation's major urban areas. A near total shutdown of economies due to COVID-19 has choked the vitality that has made urban areas so popular...

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