• Markers in Time


    Every adult can pinpoint moments in time when their life made a shift. It may have been for the better and it may have been for the worse but it was an event so consequential that no matter the years that pass, the moment remains tall among a lifetime of memories and following that event, life was never the same again.

  • REALTOR Safety Tools


    If you're a real-estate professional, technology is already making a huge impact in your daily life, whether you're using apps for unlocking key boxes, gathering information about active listings, creating drone photography or posting video property tours. The latest safety tools and protocols for real estate professionals are also becoming an important arsenal in every real-estate professional's tool box.

  • Work, Life, Volunteer — Finding Balance


    It's an eternal conversation in the real estate industry. With unlimited opportunities to grow business and zero limitations on the hours or days to be worked, how does a professional strike a balance between work and life in general? Is there such a thing as work/life balance in real estate, or any demanding career, for that matter?

  • On The Menu


    It's that time of year again — leaves are falling, sweaters are being pulled out of drawers and political signs dot our landscape...

  • Expense or Investment?


    Due to the nature of real estate, I find that getting brokers to make a real investment in their business can be challenging. Sure, they will spend $49 per month here, $29 per month there but I would classify these as expenses – ongoing costs that are a result of doing business...

  • Consult The Coach - Autumn 2019


    I am a managing broker at a medium size office. I have a relatively new broker who is not starting off on the right foot. She gets defensive when I provide suggestions and feedback. What do you suggest?

  • Property Management Q & A - Autumn 2019


    I heard that the legislature amended the Residential Landlord Tenant Act (RLTA) to change a 3-day notice or pay or vacate to a 14-day notice. I heard there are other changes as well, what are they?

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