• How Did The National Firms Do In The First 6 Months?


    We just reviewed the first six months results from eXp, Keller Williams, Realogy, Redfin, RE/MAX and Zillow. We share highlights of their results, and, in most cases, compare them to their results from the same six-month period a year ago...

  • Culture Is Key: 5 Tips For Ensuring a Seamless M&A Transition


    Have you considered the human aspect when contemplating a merger or acquisition? While your decisions may center on sound financial projections, the personal element is equally important in paving a smooth path to a successful future together.

  • FHFA Refinance Fee — Industry Fails To See Logic In New Fee


    On August 13, the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced it was implementing a 1.5% fee on the loan amount for the majority of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac refinance loans. This did not sit well with the housing industry, for obvious reasons...

  • Global Growth: The Tiny House Movement


    Defined as an architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes, the tiny house movement is growing across the world. A tiny home is a residential structure under 400 square feet...

  • July Home Buyer Traffic Surges 60.7 Percent


    July Home Buyer Traffic Surges 60.7 Percent — Buyer Demand Continues to Outstrip Supply Following Third Consecutive Month of Increasing Showing Traffic

  • COVID-19, Civil Unrest & The Economy


    COVID-19, work-from-home mandates and civil unrest have created a perfect storm for our nation's major urban areas. A near total shutdown of economies due to COVID-19 has choked the vitality that has made urban areas so popular...

  • Findings From The Thousand And Americas' Best Real Estate Professionals


    For the first time, we ranked teams in our reports by their size based on the number of licensed Realtors® they had on the team. Small teams had 2-5 members, medium teams had 6-10, and large teams had 11 or more. We've measured the relative production and productivity of these different-sizes teams and found some interesting data...