• Redfin And RE/MAX Partner To Reach New Markets


    With this new partnership between Redfin and RE/MAX, REAL Trends and the whole industry must now wonder whether there are numerous more partnerships and restructurings coming.

  • Consult the Coach - Spring 2019


    I am feeling overwhelmed and unfocused as a result of the many (too many) marketing activities I've got going on to sustain my real estate business. What do you suggest?

  • Property Management Q & A - Spring 2019


    Our client has signed a PSA to sell their single family home to a developer (who wants to knock it down and build a new home on the site). The buyer only wants to close after they obtain their building permit, which means that the home will be vacant for 4-6 months. Our client has asked us to find a tenant to occupy the home until the closing...

  • Washington REALTORS® Legislative Update


    For Washington REALTORS® the 2019 Legislative session was focused on our theme of "Unlocking the Door" to affordable homeownership opportunities (visit for more information). Our goal was to have housing policy as the top policy issue that the legislature engaged on. As of this writing and based on the number and scope of bills, that goal is very likely to be achieved. There are nearly 20 pieces of legislation that have to do with housing policy that have made their way through various committees and obstacles and have been passed on either the House or Senate floor.

  • Trust Your Intuition


    In January 2001, Mike Emert, a Bellevue-based real estate broker was brutally killed by a client at a vacant home he was representing. Mike's tragic death inspired the formation of the Washington State Real Estate Safety Council. This Council was made up of REALTORS®, law enforcement and the Department of Licensing...

  • Fixing the Housing Ladder by Addressing Affordability


    The Washington Center of Real Estate Research's James Young tells what REALTORS® can be doing to make an impact on affordable housing in their local areas.

  • Are You Adequately Insured, 2.0?


    In 2019, broker liability, and thus insurance risks, expanded and now the appropriate inquiry begins with... are you insured for the action you are about to take? Only after you answer that question do you need to consider whether your insurance is adequate.

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