• What is a Buyer Love Letter?


    Letters, videos, photos, or any communication accompanied by an offer from a potential buyer to appeal to the seller. Love letters place sellers in the position of indicating a preference for a buyer based on a "feeling" or something that the seller "just likes" about a potential buyer. This "feeling" frequently arises from shared interests, history, family preferences, etc. of the buyer and seller and may trigger decisions by seller based on the seller's unconscious bias.

  • REALTOR® PROfile: Mark Kitabayashi


    By focusing on continuing education, market trends and the cultural nuances among his client base, Windermere broker, Mark Kitabayashi, has carved out a niche for himself that's endured nearly two decades in the South Puget Sound market.

  • How to Get Started with Podcasting


    Podcasting is taking the real estate world by storm! At the recent Inman Connect conference in New York City, Dustin Brohm from the Massive Agent Podcast said onstage, "Podcasting is huge for two main reasons: you can listen to it while you are doing something else (walking the dog, driving, working out) and they are free!"

  • Block Your Time & Money to Build Relationships


    It is no secret that real estate is a business of relationships and that there are many different ways to build and maintain them—all of which require time or money.

  • Beauty of Hyogo


    Get to know our Sister Association in Japan: The Hyogo Takken Real Estate Association.

  • 2019 Market: Opportunities and Challenges


    With the housing sales forecast for 2019 decidedly uncertain, this sets up to be a challenging year for all incumbents, regardless of their size, market, brand name or business model. The news about executive leadership changes does not affect the market overall.

  • Leadership And Industry Changes: Many Questions With Few Answers


    We have fielded dozens of calls from brokerage leaders as to what underlies all of these changes all within 60 days of each other. Generally, the questions fall into one of two categories: Is there something we should know about the background of these changes? And, will this affect the way business will be done in the future? Along with this question, of course, is how it might affect our business prospects.

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