• Forecast For 2020: Assessing Threats And Opportunities For Brokerage Leaders


    Forecast For 2020: Assessing Threats And Opportunities For Brokerage Leaders. What should you be concerned about, and what can you do to thwart threats to the industry? It's a presidential election year. Does that matter? Sales were down in 1980 and 1988 from prior years, but up in 1984, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2012, and 2016...

  • The California ABC Test Looks To Be Expanding


    Just when you thought that the California ABC test would stay within that state's borders comes news that the states of New York and New Jersey are considering adopting some of the same provisions that pertain to the qualifications of independent contractors versus employees.

  • REALTOR® Associations Report Membership Still Growing


    At a recent meeting with several key state and local associations of Realtors® CEOs, we learned membership rolls are still growing. Many also report that membership totals are now at or nearing historic highs.

  • CFPB Asks For Public Comment Determining The Effectiveness Of TRID


    In a November 22 Request for Information (RFI), the Bureau asked for public comments on the TRID Rule's effectiveness as it prepares an assessment report of the Rule that the Dodd-Frank Act requires to be published within five years of its effective date...

  • Home Buyer Interest Up Again In November Nationwide


    Home Buyer Interest Up Again In November Nationwide... Showing Traffic Increases for Fourth Consecutive Month. November home showing activity continued an upward trend of year-over-year growth following the fourth consecutive month of increased showing activity...

  • Boost Agent Performance — Move The Middle


    Don't forget about low performers and high performers, but spend time moving your middle performers up. "The biggest opportunity for performance improvement in any organization is in moving the middle, according to business coach Michael K. Simpson...

  • Australian Real Estate Market — Signs Of Recovery


    It looks like the Australian real estate market's decline has leveled and started to ease in most major cities. According to the latest report on the Australian residential real estate market by CoreLogic, a property data and analytics provider in Australia, the annual rate of decline in housing values saw continued improvement...

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