• Brokers Report On Adoption


    The Broker Public Portal has quickly evolved into a viable alternative to paying for advertising and leads on the portal sites. REAL Trends spoke with two brokers who were early adopters to talk about agent adoption and future plans.

  • Nine Percent Drop In January's — Real Estate Showing Activity


    If January is any indication, home sellers are bracing themselves for a tenuous start to 2019, as the first month of the year saw a 9 percent drop across the U.S. in year-over-year residential showing activity, according to data from the ShowingTime Showing Index.

  • Your Most Important 15 Minutes - Don't Let Distraction Take Over


    Most Americans are living in a continuous state of partial attention, "according to behavioral psychologists. International business coach, Robin Sharma, observes, "The enemy of mastery is not mediocrity. It is distractions. The addiction to distraction is ruining many potentially awesome lives." Why are we so distracted and what can we do about it? A common trait of the most successful people is their ability to focus on the most important tasks and not get distracted. How do they stay on track?

  • Time To Review The Health Of Your Team


    Now that financial incentives to affiliate with one broker over another is climbing, it may be useful to focus on what creates and maintains a healthy organizational culture. When brokerage firms talk about their strong cultures, it’s important to focus on what is at the core.

  • Brokerage Marketing - Who Should Be The Branding Machine?


    The rise of the unconnected, modern real estate agent was exacerbated by legal mechanizations and independent contractor rules. At seemingly that same time, a wide array of products, tools, services and lead generators arose that hinted that the modern agent could succeed with just their personal brand. Along the way, brokers got comfortable with agents doing their own thing—as long as said agents produced results.

  • Recruiting and Retention - The Competition is Fierce


    The competition for top agents has never been as fierce as it is now, and it will continue through 2019 and likely beyond. There are more, lower-cost options available to top-producing agents than ever before. Large individual producers and teams have become more numerous and produce more sales volume than in years past. As we've noted previously, in calendar 2017, the top-producing agents and teams closed nearly 22 percent of all the sales volume in the country, yet they account for less than 2 percent of all real estate agents.

  • The Other Side Of Real Estate: How Much Tech Is Too Much?


    I have never questioned my professional judgment more than in my current role. I oscillate between feeling as though I’m not moving projects forward fast enough and feeling as though I’m overwhelming our agents and staff with too many changes. How much is too much?

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