• Global Branded Residences See Exponential Growth


    The concept of branded residences dates back over 90 years and predominantly comprises a hotel development with integrated or adjoining private residences. The owners of these residences benefit from owning a home with the prestige of a hotel brand, top-class management and the services provided by a five-star hotel.

  • CFPB Says The Qualified Mortgage Rule Did Not Increase Costs


    The Qualified Mortgage (QM) regulation has not materially increased mortgage costs or decreased access to credit, according to a report published by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) on January 10. These were two of many observations made by the CFPB in its mandatory five-year assessment of the QM Rule, which provides a safe harbor under Dodd-Frank for Qualified Mortgages that meet designated criteria to better assure that a borrower has a reasonable ability to repay the loan.

  • Showing Activity Has Fifth Month Of Year-over-year Declines Nationwide


    Showing traffic in December was down 7.2 percent year over year in the U.S.; the West Region continued its nearly year-long decline with a 20.1 percent year-over-year decrease in showing traffic, ending 2018 with a 12-month average drop of eight percent. In a reverse of the five consecutive months of year-over-year increases in showing activity that started the year, 2018 ended with five consecutive months of year-over-year decreases in buyer traffic in the U.S.

  • How The Four Decisions Drive Growth


    With the real estate industry changing at an unprecedented pace, focusing on the four Decisions (4Ds)—People, Strategy, Execution, Cash—are crucial to driving growth. Verne Harnish, the author of the best-selling book, Scaling Up, says “If your business is facing challenges for which there seems to be no playbook to handle, you’ll be surprised how going back to the 4Ds and thinking about how you are addressing them can make an impact. It can mean the difference between sailing ahead of the competition and finding yourself wondering what hit you.”

  • Influencer Marketing: The Real Estate Version


    Influencer marketing has been around seemingly forever; yet, most real estate professionals have been slow to leverage this particular resource fully.

  • Leading In Chaos


    Wouldn’t it be great if everything was orderly and predictable in leading a sales organization? It is precisely the opposite. Real estate transactions are complex, markets are uncertain, and the emotions of clients and sales associates make ours an unpredictable, even chaotic, industry. How do we bring productive order to our business?

  • Agents As Shareholders


    While there have been several firms in past years that had agents as shareholders, the idea wasn’t widely accepted. However, The Group Inc. of Fort Collins, Colorado, and Graham and Boles of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, started their firms with that as a core offering. Others offered shares to some agents, mainly as a retention tool.

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