• Coming Soon: Transparency, Scrutiny and More Mandated Professionalism


    The world is becoming more transparent by the day. Our personal and professional lives are monitored by cameras, apps, traffic trackers, and cookies. While the tremendous growth of accessible data has brought great transparency, it can also create liability.

  • A Marketer's Guide To Generation Z


    As a Millennial, I can firmly state that I am ready for the next generation to enter into the public spotlight. I'm sure this is true of each young age, but I am tired of being treated as a walking, talking buzzword. This brings up the question of who is next? As Gen Z starts to acquire purchasing power, they are not drawing the type of attention that has long been bestowed on Millennials.

  • CRE List: 10 Issues Impacting Real Estate


    The Counselors of Real Estate® (CRE®) professional association announced its annual Top Ten Issues Affecting Real EstateTM List for 2018-2019. Today's issues will impact your decisions over the next ten years. Here are the top 10.

  • Recruiting Redux


    While we are swamped with tech news, the real battle that's going on has little to do with technology and much to do about who is doing the best in recruiting new talent. We have commented before that, from our perspective, there are three main things a brokerage has to do to succeed: recruit talent, develop that talent and spend less than you have coming in.

  • The Age Of Amazon, Lesson 4: New Business Models


    A time is coming where brokerage firms will have to pick which spot to excel in, what services to offer and who and how to employ those who will deliver service. There is no right or wrong in the choice. A brokerage services firm cannot be a specialty firm and a mass market retailer all at the same time.

  • An Analysis: Women In Real Estate Leadership


    When you look at the real estate industry, at its surface, you can see why the rumblings about it being a boy's club are so pervasive. After all, the leaders of the ten largest brokerage firms in the nation are men. But, I've interviewed a plethora of top female leaders and, at REAL Trends, four of the top six company leaders are women. So, I wondered, what are the numbers? Is real estate leadership a boy's club?

  • Is it Stellar Service or Extraordinary Risk?


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