• Today's Tech: Why It Has Yet To Meet The Greater Needs Of The Housing Consumer


    Why has today's tech yet to meet the greater needs of the housing consumer? Relationships matter in real estate, and that will never change. From Silicon Canal to Silicon Slopes to Silicon Prairie, tech cities continue to pop up across the nation as long as the consumer continues to evolve and demand, tech gurus, will be there to respond...

  • It's All About Automation


    Scott Smith, president and general manager of the Constellation Real Estate Group portfolio shares his insights on technology trends in 2020. With a portfolio of 15 real estate tech company, Constellation Real Estate Group does extensive research on technology trends and solutions from the front office to back and everything in between...

  • Analyzing the Five Publicly Held Real Estate Company Earnings Reports


    The five largest publicly held real estate services companies all reported earnings for the third quarter of 2019 and their year-to-date results through September 30, 2019. There were no big surprises. The one interesting thing is that virtually all of them rely on creative non-GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) to provide clarity to their results.

  • New Research Study Analyzes Hidden Real Estate Commissions


    With a slew of lawsuits attacking the way commissions are charged, it's not surprising the Consumer Federation of America has a new report out. We analyze the results.

  • Here's Why JV Partnerships Win Out For Companies Of Any Size


    For brokerage firms to survive and thrive, having a long-term reoccurring revenue stream is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have. A mortgage joint venture may be the answer.

  • Brokers Somewhat Optimistic About Sales


    The first quarterly REAL Trends Broker Sentiment Survey shows that rather than feeling beleaguered, the nation's brokerage leaders are feeling, well, optimistic.

  • The Role of A Sales Manager


    The Role of A Sales Manager is straightforward: recruit, retain, and coach. A company owner recently asked me if I had a job description for a sales manager...

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