• National Firms Have Varied Growth


    High-level thoughts about the year-end numbers of national brokerage firms.

  • Are You Prepared to Make a Shift?


    Make no mistake, we're in a shift. It's a different one than we've ever seen before. Its cause in and of itself warrants caution. The health challenge is very real. It must be respected, and we must take all necessary actions to keep each other safe.

  • Brokerages Have A Bright Future


    Over one-half of the brokerage firms we ranked on the REAL Trends 500, and Nation's Best (formerly Up-and-Comers) list grew their transaction sides from 2014-2018. Of the nearly 903 brokerage firms from which we have these five years of data, 617 of them grew in those five years.

  • Two Ways to Determine Value


    Two Ways to Determine Value — In the REAL Trends e-book, Valuing Small- to Medium-sized Brokerage Firms, offers guidance on valuations. Here are two ways to determine value.

  • Real Trends Offers You Options


    Real Trends is here for you. These are among the toughest times a brokerage will ever have. This wasn't an oncoming recession like most of the past 40 years—this is a precipitous decline in housing sales activity. No one saw this coming and most are not prepared...

  • Valuing Today's Brokerage


    A shift from a majority of traditional firms to other operating models has changed the game for business valuations. With nearly 4,000 valuations of residential real estate firms under our belts, we've practically seen it all...

  • Disrupting The Business; Not The Relationship


    In many businesses, disruption has caused a significant change in the relationship between suppliers of services, products, and consumers. This was foretold in the late 1990s book Blown to Bits, where Philip Evans, then the Director of the Media Labs at MIT, predicted that the internet would ultimately rearrange all relationships between producers and consumers. They would be blown to bits.

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