• Realogy Vs. Compass: Analysis And Possible Impact


    On July 10, Realogy announced it had filed an action against Compass. The lawsuit filed against Compass was for "unfair business practices and illegal schemes to gain market share at all costs and to damage, or even eliminate competition. To reach its desired ends, Compass steals from, interferes with, and disparages its competition."

  • Building Specialness — Creating A Memorable Experience For Agents, Buyers, and Sellers


    Many of the best performing brokerage firms had a particular "specialness" that played a role in their success. Retailers of goods and services are told that they need to build a shopping experience to attract and retain customers...

  • Why Acquire A Brokerage?


    Acquisitions can be tedious and difficult. So, why do it? Simple: To grow. The recent publication of our popular e-book Valuing Small- to Medium-Sized Brokerage Companies has prompted several questions. Mainly, why do firms go through the undertaking of acquiring other firms? Since acquisitions tend to not be for the meek, this is a valid question.

  • Great Variation In 2019 Cost Of Living


    In real estate markets around the world, one of the many factors affecting supply and demand is the cost of living in that market, and the changing components of living costs—compensation packages, house rentals, schooling costs, recreational costs, etc.

  • Data Standards


    "Data is the new oil." For some, this phrase rings true with data as an extremely valuable resource to be captured and protected. To others, tired of the ad nauseam conversations about data, it may sound like another shiny substance that greases every industry speaker's presentation.

  • Are You In Compliance? L&I Audits Will Reveal All


    Lack of Industrial Insurance coverage could leave firms on the hook for thousands of dollars in back coverage, interest and fines...

  • 2019 Session Ends with Big Wins for Washington REALTORS®


    The 2018 election results meant big changes in the Legislature. We ended a successful 2019 Session protecting our members, protecting their clients, protecting real estate transactions and providing opportunities to increase both commercial and residential real estate transactions...

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