• Trends Come To Fruition


    Future trends shared at the Gathering of Eagles over 10 years ago are now business as usual. Many years ago, we had the pleasure of having Rich Barton, then and now CEO of Zillow, and Channing Dawson, co-founder of HGTV, present to our guests at the Gathering of Eagles. We thought so much of what they shared, that we had them back two years later.

  • Leads — Driving To The Net


    If agents are responsible for tending to their leads and databases to eventually sell these contacts a home; what are brokers responsible for?

  • Quality Matters — It's All About The Manager


    A great manager is what it takes for companies to be productive. Five years ago, the Gallup organization embarked on one of the most ambitious deep dives it has ever conducted—an analysis of the future of work based on a decade of input from nearly two million employees and more than 300,000 business units. The results confirmed something Gallup had seen before...

  • Industry Assessment — Today's Threats & Opportunities


    What can you learn from today's threats? What are the opportunities brokerages should be seeking? Real estate has long been an industry filled with new business models, lawsuits and emerging technology. It's also an industry that offers unmatched opportunity.

  • Consumer Engagement — The Life of A Lead


    The best CRM is the one an agent uses. Building on existing relationships will keep your business thriving.

  • Australia and New Zealand


    Australia and New Zealand — what's happening in these very different real estate markets? With house prices falling significantly in the major cities in Australia, the inevitable question is "will the downturn spread to New Zealand in 2019?" The two real estate markets are different, so we need to examine the fundamentals to predict what is likely to happen in each country.

  • A Shrinking FHA Footprint In 2019?


    An update to the TOTAL Mortgage Scorecard may foreshadow additional Federal Housing Administration (FHA) restrictions over the coming years. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced on March 14 that it's updating its TOTAL Mortgage Scorecard to redefine which loans need to be manually underwritten. While the impact of this change will be felt most by borrowers with low credit scores and high debt-to-income (DTI) ratios...

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