Favorite Posts from Conference Live

It appears that NAR's Annual Conference was a smashing success! As 16,000+ REALTORS head home to digest and share all of the information they were privvy to, those of us holding down the fort were able to witness quite a bit of the action real-time...Here are some of my favorite posts from Conference Live 2014.

Here are some excellent posts from Conference Live 2014

Top Ten Technology Trends
With technology changing the way we do business in our day-to-day lives constantly here are the “Top 10 Technology Trends” to look out for in the near future...

How the Millennials will affect the Future of the Housing Market
Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist at realtor.com®, discusses the impact the Millennials will have on the housing market in the coming years...

An Interview with NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun
Is the market trending in a positive direction as we head into 2015? What’s needed to transform millennials into first-time home buyers? Find out...

Jackie Leavenworth Discusses Communication in Modern Business

Jackie Leavenworth discusses the obstacles of virtual communication in modern business. When emails replace face to face conversations, relationships can be challenged, and growth becomes harder when people are not actually together...

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